benefiting our


harmonizing elevated STANDARDS

benefits to Producers:

  • Reduces audit fatigue
  • Harmonizes assessment approach overtime
  • Increased visibility to a network of buyers interested in a new source of credible supply
  • Syncs corrective action overtime
  • Simplifies current duplicate certification process, while reducing friction through proper architecture of future systems
  • Gain an experts in building farmer capacity for profitable growth

supply chain INTEGRITY throughout

benefits to Buyers:

  • Aggregating & validating existing farm certifications into a single farm directory through automated interfaces
  • Supply Chain collaboration is an option for participating buyers
  • A Food industry multi-stakeholder (MSI) database can quickly help buyers define supply chains & conduct assessments
  • Supply chains can include all suppliers and not just meat
  • In other industries the FFC clearinghouse has proven cost effective with standard membership agreements already in place covering SLA’s, data protection and DOJ anti-trust protocols

REGIONAL commitments

benefits to Industry:

  • Buyer’s commitments offer infrastructure growth -with opportunity for ‘local’ to grow into ‘regional’ production hubs
  • Slaughter gains supply, and can build processing capacity to meet buyer’s commitments for differentiated meats
  • Many stakeholders gain from a validated source of aggregated statistical data to measure progress towards greater integrity
  • helpful advice for farmers & ranchers interested in business growth through focus on differentiated meat creates jobs
  • A coordinated supply chain is insurance against recall


benefits to Consumers:

  • Clean and delicious meat from animals with pedigree
  • Healthier and safer food for their families
  • A more stable planet (environment, social, political)
  • Local jobs creation and security
  • Food produced with less risk of contaminates, or potential of illness & resistance
  • An economic stake in controlling how we’ll manage a shared one health through the food we eat