Food System Reform: part 1

As the basis of preventative healthcare, we’ve lost our way in sourcing food for its nutriment at the cost of price alone. Proving increasingly taxing on body and land, an allegiance to the cheap food of modern agriculture has mainlined a steroid-era of commoditized foodstuff built on misguided information, immature science and a lack of transparency to the global mainstream. Now, so widespread throughout the Western diet & world is cheap food, most consumers have a compromised appreciation of food values without knowledge of correlated risk or potential adverse effect.

The empirical evidence of our ill society is proving that an overfed and undernourished people is costly with upkeep.  With the lowest percentage of discretionary income allocated to food in the developed world, Americans now spend less money on what sustains us while allocating more than ever before on reactionary healthcare. We must assess the validity of placing our entire nutritional security over the long-haul on a single approach of fundamentally unproven agricultural practice.  Proven depleting and expensive with waste, the longevity of current conventional food production in the United States, and now abroad, will continue to prove more challenged.

Furthermore, propagating the only failed diet in the history of mankind for the short-term monetary benefit of distributing cheap food, atwhatcost will be incurred before the Western diet is recognized for its role as culprit of misgiving and instigator of modern plagues found in form of chronic illness, obesity and habitual poor eating habits? Teeming with the uncalculated cost of externalities to human and planetary health – the basis of our current food system so dependent on price over value is a false economy in dire need of reflection.